Markov Chain Video in “House of Fear”

I would just land in

the end

and this home

from a distance it looks like

I’m slowly burning

I feel

less of I don’t

feel wel


by and there’s

sometimes by the time you get

there’s one


in there

nobody wants to

reader and

I feel like I’m

by a fire I stumble along

with kind of

a mix of all like

I could

know a padded feeling

I see it’s

more and

they’re never whole or like yours and you

feel less of I don’t

hear anything

sometimes I

don’t know who he is

full of people

who are

was something

that doesn’t

the top of the wall it’s not like it’s

also a gate at

the time you get

think they are

and I see

there would be

so high

concrete and

they can see us we’re

there’s people everywhere


and I see

this home

town I see

the fire

it doesn’t

lock it’s

very clean it’s

there’s like a

constantly suctioning vacuum from

a distance it looks like I’ve stumbled far away from it I don’t

know you’re

always took until the end

and I don’t

there’s two phones and

you could

have been in

there is I see the sky and

the walls

or tangible

feeling of encompassing

and before I know

who he is

I see is it’s

devoid of people

in or

opening if there’s

like a tile floor

it’s like

a kind of

like a constantly suctioning vacuum from

my view I still see

this fire? no one

everyone that I

see is it’s

no built walls or tangible

rooms but the


on the floor

where you can

take the

match and

use them you could take

things they’re

there’s a doorway it’s more like

a kind of

movement or breath and and

they helped her I remember

the piano

and when you

would think it’s

people every

thing else out

side a center room that

isn’t there

when she officially died and so

was my brother and his wife and

the doors are

there when she officially died and

I don’t

go back I’m

in the bed but

not necessarily staring glancing over


feels like



sense like

being able to

come I’m

in this situation and it

was the match


it was a weird book of like

a vacuum


the rooms

and they’re


she was so I

would think it’s

not like

I’m slipping and I feel

ashamed hopeless jealous and

you feel

like beiges I guess beiges

I guess beiges

and read

and some

thing that can be that

I’m not welcomed and

it was five sets

it feels

inescapable inaudible you can’t

go back I’m in this

when you’re

allowed to leave

them her reading

smaller buildings because

I’m by a fire

I stumbled far away

and there’s like


when you go