Fail to Wail_ Foxy News


In this invention the speech act is the ban of the ban, a form of forced lamentation. Since knowledge isn’t absolute but relative to the subject (re) producing it, claiming knowledge may be worthwhile. A theory or thesis’ validity is generally based on its capacity to make correct predicaments about the future. The process must be documented thoroughly so that other scientists may repeat the experiment precisely. Only by getting the same positive results is the theory testing considered valid. It requires repeatable results. This theatrical staging will feature women that have failed to wail where they should have wailed – because they were afraid, silenced, cowards, ambitious, ignorant and so forth. The invention is a faked documentary of sorts – a publication, a conference or social media news release that claims the resurfacing, the discovery, or the (belated) release of a female lamentation /wailing – in regard to a patriarchal assault that had remained unreported.